Constructionline –

Constructionline is the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service that collects, assesses and monitors standard company information through a question set that is aligned to PAS 91, the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by BSI to reduce duplication within the construction industry


CHAS Suppliers show compliance with important parts of health and safety law (the core criteria described in the CDM regulations). On achieving compliance a supplier is approved to work for all of CHAS’ buyers. Inconsistencies are reduced where some suppliers may be judged compliant by one buyer but not another. CHAS gives guidance on any weaknesses in a supplier’s safety management, including how they can improve.


SMAS is a H&S Assessment organisation that takes great pride in professionalism, customer service and efficiency. Working with many of the major UK housebuilders SMAS have developed experience and expertise in new build construction but also deal with many other construction organisations. As a dedicated H&S assessment company they do not get distracted by other activities such as H&S Training or Consultancy.